Closed Screening of the Film “A Country of War and Dreams”

On October 26, 2020, the closed screening of the documentary film “A Country of War and Dreams” by Jadwiga Nowakowska, a Polish director and a friend of Armenia, took place in “Kino Kultura”, the most famous movie theatre in Warsaw. 

The 61-minute-long film tells about a unique place called Nagorno Karabakh, as well as the pain, problems and everyday life of various Armenian families, hero mothers, soldiers, the youth and dreams. 

The film also touches upon the 4-day war in April of 2016, during which the Azerbaijani side, in violation of the ceasefire agreement signed on May 12, 1994, and the agreement regulating armed incidents signed on February 6, 1995, with the use of heavy equipment, artillery and military aviation, initiated a large-scale attack along the contact line between the armed forces of Azerbaijan and the Nagorno Karabakh. During the military operations the Azerbaijani army violated the international humanitarian law and committed a number of war crimes both against the military and the civilians of the Republic of Artsakh. 

Despite all the agreements, even today the Azerbaijani side refuses to undertake practical steps aimed at establishing peace in Artsakh. 

The film “A Country of War and Dreams” once again proves that the Nagorno Karabakh has no future as part of Azerbaijan, and whatever the solution is, it must stem from the interest of the people of Karabakh. That is the core of nations’ right to self-determination. Azerbaijan has neither legal nor political or moral rights to claim the Nagorno Karabakh. 

The screening of the film was organized and realized by the Polish-Armenian Foundation. The head of the Foundation dr. Arsen Ovsepyan supported also the screening of the film and the participation of the director in the “Special Screening” subsection of the most popular Armenian film festival “Golden Apricot” held in July of this year. 

The closed screening of the film was realized under the auspices of the Armenian Embassy in Poland and the Polish TVP Kultura TV company.

Since early morning the Azerbaijani community of Poland has been protesting in front of the movie theatre by handing out leaflets to passers-by and making anti-Armenian calls. However, they failed to prevent the event from taking place and from once again voicing the truth on the international stage.

About Jadwiga Nowakowska

A Polish journalist and documentary film director. Jadwiga Nowakowska has graduated from the Faculties of History (1981) and Journalism (1984) of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Since 1989 she has worked in TVP1, the Polish Public Television channel owned by the Polish Television Corporation. In 2006-2009, Nowakowska appeared to be the head and the deputy of the editorial board at the department of documentary movies of the Polish Television. 

She is the wife of the former Polish Ambassador to Armenia, J.E. Jerzy Marek Nowakowski.

Screen writer: Jadwiga Nowakowska

Cameramen: Tigran Mankikyan, Harutyun Vardanyan, Arthur Tsatinyan

Music: Michal Lorenc

Editor: Anna Ferens

Photos by: Smbat Hovhannisyan