About us

The purpose of Poland-based Polish-Armenian Foundation is to popularize the history and culture of Armenia and to carry out pro-Armenian activities. 

The Foundation cooperates with both the Poles, the local Armenian community and national minorities.

In the scope of our activities we celebrate noteworthy dates in the history of the Republic of Armenia and organize events aimed at preservation and promotion of Armenian traditions and cultural identity. At the same time, we organize meetings dedicated to education, art and crafts for Armenian kids and youngsters.

We popularize Armenians as one of the most ancient civilizations having their unique traditions. In this regard, we realize educational programs on a weekly basis in order to raise awareness among the participants about the Polish-Armenian close relations dating back to the 12th century. The goal of the Foundation’s entire activity is to strengthen the intercultural dialogue. Thanks to the abovementioned, we provide opportunities for the local Armenians to integrate in and cooperate with the Polish society.

The Polish-Armenian Foundation also hosts a library under its roof with more than 1200 pieces of Armenian literature. Currently, we are expanding the list of the Polish language books about the history and culture of Armenia. 

Nasz zespół

Chairman of Polish-Armenian Foundation 

PhD Arsen Ovsepyan

Arsen Ovsepyan comes from a famous actors family (parents are the founders of the State Pantomime Theater in Yerevan), Most of his childhood he spent in the theater, among famous artists.

“When I moved to Poland, from the first days I really wanted to realise my childhood memories and dreams. This probably contributed to the fact that I founded the foundation and art gallery, devoting my time to disseminating Armenian culture and art among the Polish community.